The world of business is full of uncertainty and at The Maltings, we do what we can to help companies mitigate the risks that come with the territory.

Events that have taken place across Wales, the UK and indeed the globe recently go to show the long list of hazards that businesses face while trying to stay operating and profitable.

Heavy downpours of rain caused a series of devastating floods across Wales in February, making it the wettest month in recorded history. Several homes and company premises were hit by high waters, suffering costly damages as well as losing days of access to their sites.

UK politics has raised a number of concerns and uncertainty for businesses and individuals over recent years as Brexit has been debated, balloted and negotiated, polarising the country as to whether leaving the European Single Market would benefit or be detriment to Britain’s economy.

More recently, the Coronavirus has grown as a cause for concern for businesses across the globe. Originating in Wuhan, China – the world’s largest exporter of goods – the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) has reached several countries, with the number of confirmed cases rising significantly in Italy, Iran and South Korea.

With no known vaccine for the disease at this stage, there is a risk to life particularly for those with underlying illnesses, for young children and older generations whose immune systems may be weaker. Because of this, every precaution must be considered and taken to help prevent the spread and already several companies in the UK have instructed staff members to self-isolate.

The UK Government has said that the number of UK workers who may be off sick at the peak of a Coronavirus outbreak may be as high as 20%, which is an alarming number for any business without the proper contingencies in place.

At The Maltings, we understand the severity of these threats to business. To help prevent the spread of illnesses, we’ve increased the frequency of disinfecting communal surfaces, such as door handles and handrails from twice to three times daily. Many of our communal bathrooms also utilise automatic doors and taps to boost levels of hygiene and other communal areas will see hand sanitisers installed for a quick clean on the go.

When we saw the devastation caused by the flooding, we opened the doors to our Co-Working Space for any businesses that were affected. We were able to offer a place to work, free of charge, until they were back on their feet and able to once again access their worksite.

These health, environmental and political risk factors pose as significant threats to a nationwide business community, casting a shadow of economic uncertainty for many.

Our main aim at The Maltings is to support businesses, from grass roots to blue chip. We do what we can to protect businesses from external perils by providing a ‘safety net’ system and platform to grow.

To put it simply, our agreements are flexible. We offer rolling monthly contracts to our tenants, giving them the freedom to adjust their workspace dependant on their needs and aspirations. Our tenants work with peace of mind, knowing that if they really need to, they can downsize to lower their outgoing cost. This gives them the support they need to keep their business profitable and in a good position to grow. When they do grow, once again, they have the flexibility to take on a larger office and a bigger team.

Many companies at Space2B have utilised our flexible setup to help them guide their business to success.

“Our flexible tenancy agreement at The Maltings has been pivotal in helping the growth of adeo Travel; we’ve moved to larger workspaces a few times to accommodate our growing team and it is reassuring to know that we can easily downsize should we need to.” – Darryl Walters, Operations Manager at adeo Travel.

“As a busy production company with fluctuating employee numbers it’s been a huge help to be able to use the flexible monthly contracts offered by The Maltings. We’ve moved several times and it has always been quick, super easy and lots of time and money has been saved due to the easy switch over and not being tied to larger office costs during quieter times. We would highly recommend this set up for any businesses of a similar nature because it has been perfect for us.” – Jessie Anderson, Production Manager at One Tribe TV.

Both GS Verde Group and Lextox are examples of how businesses have grown at The Maltings. GS Verde Group started with a small two-person office in 2013. Following 6 years of successful years of business growth, they are able to boast a 900% increase in revenue with a team of over 35.

“Lextox first started trading in one small room at The Maltings with four members of staff. Over the last 9 years our business has experienced unprecedented growth – we now house over 100 members of staff and three laboratories across two floors. The Maltings provides us with the flexibility to grow as our business does.” – Katharine Burton, Marketing Manager at Lextox.

For anyone concerned about their company’s future and who may be under the shadow of economic uncertainty, please pick up the phone or come on in and speak with us. From Co-Working Space to private offices for two people or teams of 30, we can provide a flexible and rewarding environment for your business to call home.

Call: 02920 462 045


Originally posted at The Maltings

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