We at Resource are pleased to welcome Adam Hill as Business Development Director at Eurobond Doors – joining the team during the UK’s lockdown, Adam came on board at a challenging time for the company and the wider building materials sector.

Adam’s career started after his degree in Business Studies, when he started in marketing before moving into construction sales – where he’s successfully worked for 24 years.

From his career beginnings in London to his current base in Bristol, he’s worked on most elements used in construction. As Adam says himself, “I’ve worked in every part of a building – from the basement all the way up to the roof.”

Adam’s decades of experience and his wide knowledge of how customers can best use different products make him a superb choice for his new role.

After only a few months in post, Adam’s already making an impact with customers & the Eurobond Doors team – so we thought it a good time to sit down for an interview and find out more about him…

Tell us about your role as Business Development Director – what does it entail?

Adam Hill joins Eurobond Doors as Business Development Director

Inside Eurobond Doors. Credit: Alex Mills Photographic

“It’s a varied role – my job is to increase our brand awareness in the marketplace, improve our customer relationships and service offer, and expand with new clients as we move into new market areas. Along with our new sales team, I’ll be working hard in our efforts to grow the business.”

Why did you want to join the Eurobond Doors team?

“Firstly, it just seemed like a really good company – the team are hugely enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. The business itself has a lot of potential, and with a new, focused MD who’s well respected within the industry, it’s an exciting time at Eurobond Doors.

“I also really like the fact it’s part of a larger group, with Resource. It’s clear to all that Nick Williams wants his companies to grow and is keen to give them what they need to succeed.”

So, what are your plans and ambitions for Eurobond Doors in your new role?

“I’m looking to form closer relationships with key clients out in the marketplace. Along with this, we’ll be improving our product range and our offering for customers.

“We’ll also be going through improved and expanded testing and quality programmes which will aid us as we expand in both the UK and European markets. One thing I’m hugely excited about is that we’ll be implementing a lot more collaboration between the production and sales teams to deliver products our customers want – an integrated sales cycle that brings customer requirements right through to the design & manufacture process.”

Inside the Eurobond Doors factory. Credit: Alex Mills Photographic

What future developments at Eurobond Doors are you most excited about?

“Put simply, we’re going to grow. We have great quality procedures and trackable quality on all our products – giving clients and end installers confidence.

“To that end, we’re also looking at offering a full training programme to our installers. Excellent customer service is the foundation of the business, so what better way to develop that?”

Staying in the future, then – where do you envisage Eurobond Doors in a few years’ time?

“I envisage us growing as a business and focusing on key market sectors. We will enhance our production facilities and technical capabilities, with a leading certified testing regime to make the right doors for the right marketplaces.

“Ultimately, I see us as one of the premier manufacturers of high performance and quality steel doors for security and fire in the UK and Europe.”

Okay, outside of work… What do you do in your spare time?

“Well, I love golf. I’ve played the Ryder Cup 2010 golf course in Celtic Manor, and the Wales National Course at the Vale Resort – and my time at Welsh golf courses is nowhere near over!

“I love travelling, and my wife and I try to get away a few times a year, to the Far East, Thailand, Malaysia – places like that. In fact, those regions have also influenced my (quite intense) love of curries. I love dining out and finding new cuisines.”

Golf at Celtic Manor. Credit: findagolfbreak.com

You’ve joined Eurobond Doors during the UK lockdown – a hard time to start a new role. How has that been?

“At the start of lockdown, I took some time out to evaluate what I wanted to do next. I didn’t want to join a new company just for the sake of it – I needed the right place. Then I found Eurobond Doors!

“The main challenge starting a role during lockdown is that my job is all about face-to-face interactions, building customer relationships, so not being able to do that is difficult.

“However, it’s a lot easier when you consider the motivation that’s here within the business; it’s still growing, with investments in new machinery and processes. There are new people on board, with even more new faces recently. The whole team is determined and ‘raring to go’, and we’re very busy at the moment.”

Ozark on Netflix. Credit: Amazon

And finally, have you made any new entertainment discoveries during lockdown? Picked up any new hobbies?

“I can highly recommend a few great shows on Netflix – Queen of the South is fantastic, along with Ozark and – for something a bit lighter – I love Schitt’s Creek.

“Away from the TV, I’ve been part of that new wave of people embracing ‘enforced gardening’. My wife and I have invested a lot of time and effort in our garden, with new fruit and flowers. Admittedly, it does look fantastic…”

We’d like to extend our congratulations once again to Adam in his new role – we’ll be seeing more and more of Eurobond Doors as they enter the next exciting stage of their growth and establish themselves in new marketplaces. Welcome, Adam!

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