As part of its ongoing digital expansion, blue self storage has just launched a brand new, safe and contactless entry & exit system using unique QR codes.

With customers’ security & safety a top priority for all Resource businesses, it was imperative to ‘shift gear’ and offer a new method of access that makes common touch-points obsolete.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has gone on, various scientific sources have highlighted the transmission risk between surfaces and people1. Studies show the virus can live for up to 3 days on certain surfaces2, and when you can’t manually sanitise a surface after every customer has entered or exited, what could the logical solution be?

For blue self storage, it was to change the entire way customers access their Llanishen facility by introducing scannable QR codes.

Held up to the sensor on a phone or the keyring provided to each customer, this new method makes customer access safer and even more secure.

How it works:

To introduce the idea to customers old and new, blue self storage produced this step-by-step guide video to explain.


A larger scheme of digital progress

As we enter 2020’s festive season, blue self storage is preparing itself for the upcoming arrival of its brand new online booking system.

The company has worked with several industry leading partners to create the all-encompassing system, which means booking storage is just a few easy clicks away.

As it’s designed for multiple locations, the new system also coincides with the development of two new blue self storage sites in both Swansea and Tyneside – more exciting news to follow soon.

“blue self storage is well underway on our aggressive growth journey – with new digital developments being launched and good progress being made on our imminent additional facilities, I’m proud of our team who have put in a lot of hard work to grow the business during a time that’s proven tricky for many industries.”

Chris Bryan, Commercial Manager at blue self storage

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