Chris Bryan


As Managing Director of Wentloog Investments and Euroclad Developments, Chris has a complete knowledge of the Williams’ Family Office property portfolio. Chris is a qualified surveyor, providing direction on all property investment, management and building works across Resource partner companies. The implications of well thought out property-related decisions are crucial to the senior teams’ strategic business planning and cash flow management. Chris has a firm focus on the elements of the portfolio that can contribute to the growth strategy, creating an environment for the businesses to expand and flourish.

Chris has an extensive network of property contacts throughout the UK, benefitting from long standing relationships with senior property advisers across all sectors. This allows him to advise the Board on potential opportunities often before they appear on competitors’ horizons.

As MD of Blue Self Storage, Chris has overseen a re-brand and is leading an aggressive UK-wide growth journey for the company using the latest technology for marketing, sales and customer service. Chris is involved in the strategic development of new business opportunities and supports Resource partner companies in team building, business strategy, marketing and communications and crisis management.

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