We believe organisations have a responsibility to protect our environment and our communities.

This means adapting how we operate, across all Resource companies, to ensure we hit robust sustainability objectives and work with the environment in mind.

Companies across the Resource group take great care to reduce their reliance on non-sustainable materials and strive towards a cleaner, greener way of working.

Our sustainability aims, at a glance

  • Reduce the reliance on paper products across
  • Resource companies
  • Reduce water consumption and encourage a lower use of plastic bottles
  • Encourage the transfer from petrol/diesel vehicles to electric, low-emission vehicles
  • Re-use and recycle materials, both internally and for customers where appropriate
Sustainability 5

Lower emissions, more electric

Several of our company / pool vehicles are hybrids or low-emission vehicles, and our partner companies encourage working from home where possible, to reduce the need for unnecessary car travel.

Alongside this, all Resource companies carefully select suppliers and source local products where possible to avoid high mileage from suppliers.

Sustainability 1

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Where possible, we recycle equipment we no longer need (most recently we donated computers and 3D printers to schools across Wales).

Much of the steel used across our partners in the manufacturing industry is 99% recycled and recyclable, with a low carbon footprint and longer life cycle.

Sustainability 6

Saving precious water

Inside our second business base, The Maltings, we have installed water fountains in every building and co-working space to aid water conservation & cut down on plastic bottles.

We have also recently installed a vacuum toilet system from Jets™ Group in the new toilet block, which uses 90% less water.

Sustainability 4

Using eco-friendly lighting

In 2019, we installed LED lighting across every acre of Wentloog Corporate Park, implemented in conjunction with Carbon Trust – this reduced our carbon footprint by 26.06 tonnes per year.

Sustainability 3

Planting trees, reducing paper

Wentloog Corporate Park has its own lake with established trees that were planted for environmental reasons – consequently, an array of local wildlife has thrived there for years.

To reduce our use of paper, we’re transitioning to digital versions of all company brochures with far fewer being printed and have halted unnecessary printing, turning payslips and other paper files digital where possible.

Nick Williams, Resource

“Manufacturing has never been a traditionally ‘green’ industry, but we’re proud to be part of the change. Through our commitments across Resource partner companies, we’re pushing for less reliance on oil, gas, paper and non-sustainable energies, and I’m proud of the strides we’ve already made towards achieving our goals.”

Further environmental initiatives from our partners

Space2B free Brompton bicycle hire scheme

Space2B at the Maltings

  • An electric charging point encourages the use of electric, low-emission vehicles from guests and the team
  • The electric shuttle bus that runs between The Maltings and Cardiff city centre encourages fewer single car journeys
  • The free bicycle hire scheme offers alternative, eco-friendly travel for clients and tenants

Euro Commercials

  • Euro Commercials sells the latest Mercedes-Benz electric vans across Wales and the West
  • All their Mercedes-Benz diesel engine vehicles carrying BlueTEC badges use AdBlue technology to help reduce the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides found in the vehicles’ emissions
Litter picking at blue self storage 1

blue self storage

  • Our storage partners use recycled cardboard boxes internally & encourage customers to purchase re-used boxes
  • blue self storage are also transitioning to QR-code-based digital systems and online booking systems, significantly reducing unnecessary emails and their associated carbon footprint
  • The company has also changed their tea bags to a plastic-free version
annie-spratt-hCb3lIB8L8E-unsplash (1)

Euro Quality Coatings

  • Since May 2018, Euro Quality Coatings has been certified to ISO 14001:2015, recognising their commitment to the environment and sustainability
  • Euro Quality Coatings also switched its pre-treatment of aluminium to a more environmentally-friendly Chrome Free process in 2019

Euro Quality Cladding

  • Scandic Rainwater System, the newest product from EQC, offers high recyclability of metal materials, has a life cycle guarantee of 50 years and boasts a low carbon footprint
  • EQC’s other recyclable steel products include Nordman Tilesheet and their range of profile metal sheeting

Isoclad & SIPco

  • Both companies sell insulated products for maximum energy saving to aid the environment
  • Both Isoclad and SIPCO provide modular off-site building – meaning quicker build times and therefore less impact made on the environment

Paul Postle, Finance Director at Resource

“Resource’s treasury department has definitely evolved over time – we’re now incorporating sustainable business models and considering the wider environmental impact when making decisions. With green credentials playing an increasingly key role when setting out the goals of a project, and in the sourcing of funding, we’re repeatedly asking ourselves, “How could this be of further benefit to the environment?”

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