Euro Quality Coatings Ltd (EQC) has recently secured a number of large rail contracts in the UK.

The contracts will see EQC partner with three different rail engineering companies and provide coatings for the new Hitachi 800 Class used by service providers including Arriva Trains, Virgin Trains, Great Western Railways, TransPennine Express, and The West of England Mainline.

EQC’s work has already begun in coating the internal electrical cabinets, window panels, Bowden cable covers, tapered end panels, disabled toilet facilities and luggage stacks for the initial fleet of 800 Class trains being supplied to Virgin, GWR, West of England, and TransPennine Express.

The company is also undertaking similar work on the new fleet of 70 Class 385 commuter trains being supplied by Hitachi to Scotsrail, and these will run predominantly on the Edinburgh to Glasgow Line.

But the work doesn’t stop at the rolling stock! Euro Quality Coatings is coating an initial order of 600 train ticket terminals that will begin appearing at Arriva train stations all over the UK.

The company has also been involved with Knorr-Bremse on a large volume scope of works for train station refurbishment as the UK Rail Network is brought up to standard for the 21st century and beyond.

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