We’re pleased to share that Eurobond Doors has renewed its membership with Secured by Design (SBD), the official police security initiative.

Eurobond Doors, a major steel door supplier that produces high quality commercial and industrial doors, with projects ranging from advanced data centres through to huge storage facilities, has made customer service and the production of quality performance doors its top priorities since launch in 1987.

Over the years it has achieved ISO certification, implemented efficient best practice systems within its door manufacturing processes and embraced security to protect lives and property.

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Eurobond steel door sets are designed and produced to be high-impact and threat-resistant against opportunist burglars using small tools through to attempted forced entry with high powered equipment.

Security features include sash locks, panic escape bars and access control along with panic exit security and external access security with single and double doorset options.

The company’s doors have gained Certisecure certification for burglary rating one and two and been accredited by SBD.

All its steel, commercial and industrial doors, which include security, fire, acoustic, rebound and hygienic doors, are produced on-site within their factory at the Wentloog Corporate Park, Cardiff. Its project management services include product specification, design, manufacture, delivery and installation.

Today, Eurobond Doors has clients across the UK and Europe.

Eurobond Doors’ Technical Sales Director, Dave Timson, said:

“Quality is at the heart of how we work encompassing our doors, our services and our working relationships. We work to make every order or project a success.

“Security has become increasingly important and our products offer unrivalled resistance to threats to clients’ businesses or premises.

“We are delighted to have renewed our membership with Secured by Design to help design out crime through the use of high-quality innovative products and processes. It’s a requirement of SBD that our doors must adhere to rigorous test standards. We carry this level of meticulous design and performance through our entire range of doors,” explained Dave.

Hazel Goss, Development Officer, SBD, said:

“We are delighted that Eurobond Doors is continuing to work with Secured by Design. This is a company that’s going from strength to strength, covers the whole process from design through to manufacture and installation, and has projects across the UK and Europe. We welcome the company’s commitment across its range of products to make people and premises safer.”

Eurobond’s projects include designing and manufacturing riser and access-controlled doors for eight storeys of one of Europe’s most advanced data centres at Canary Wharf, London. Working with the contractor and architect, Eurobond Doors delivered secure riser doors to provide protection to internal ducts, containing cabling and plumbing, and personnel doors that could be electronically controlled to restrict access and to provide an audit trail of personnel movement.

Photo: Alex Mills Photographic

Another project involved designing and manufacturing high quality, steel fire door sets for one of the UK’s ‘top five’ self-storage companies. Working under the imperative that the storage site passes fire protection regulations, Eurobond Doors produced 26 new fire and bathroom door sets to assist compartmentalise the layout and prevent the spread of fire.

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