We’re very pleased to share the fresh new faces of sister brands Isoclad and Securiclad, panel experts and nationwide manufacturers based in the North East.

With established reputations across the UK for their customer service and high quality panel products, 2021 was the right time to elevate both Isoclad and Securiclad with a modern refresh that would be fit for this year and beyond.

As part of the rebrand, Isoclad’s expert team – one of its best assets – has taken on the new moniker, The Panel People, to celebrate their knowledge and remarkable customer service.

And Securiclad, as a modular panel system with Government-approved protection, has adopted its new tagline reinforcing its strength, its fortitude, its Power to secure.

Speaking on the new digital identities for both brands, Managing Director Christine Wilde said:

“We are delighted to see Isoclad and Securiclad updated with new identities; although their look is fresh to the marketplace, it’s all underpinned by our decades of experience in the market and our reputation for service excellence.

Christine Wilde, MD of Isoclad and Securiclad

“Combined with the imminent launch of our second manufacturing facility in Monmouth, South Wales, our rebranding will allow us to compete with some of the largest corporations in the industry, delivering the capability to promote our innovative products whilst expressing the flexibility and approachable nature of our highly skilled teams.

“Previously, the Securiclad brand was seen as an addition to the Isoclad brand – however, with our new logos and positional statements, Securiclad now has its own identity, allowing us to penetrate the market with strength and direction.

“The year of 2021 has been fundamental for the businesses with a significant amount of change, delivered through investment, product development, and a functional structure scoping across both companies. We look forward to entering 2022 stronger, ensuring we capitalise on all our opportunities and strengthening our customer-centric approach, which in turn will drive strong business partnerships, brand strength and volume growth.

“We have got a lot of exciting developments still in progress and this digital refurbishment is just the beginning.”

Introducing the fresh look for the UK’s largest panel manufacturer:

From the old…

…to the new!


What’s next?

Having undergone this heavyweight brand and website overhaul with our digital partners burningred, the new identities for Isoclad and Securiclad are just the latest investments taking place within Resource family companies.

blue self storage is midway through launching its brand new AI-powered booking system, fresh from its celebrations after winning European Storage Container Facility of the Year 2021 at the FEDESSA Awards in September.

There are also exciting developments taking place at a new Resource site in Monmouth – more on this soon!

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