Family Crosspoint to open new family support centre in Maesteg

Family Crosspoint will soon open a new family support centre in Maesteg, allowing more families across Wales & England to gain access to critical support & resources.

In 2016 alone, 19,000 children in Wales required support from children’s services*: an alarming 3% of the total child population. In England, there were 399,500 children in need the end of March 2019**.

Very sadly, many parents do not have access to the resources, support and skills necessary to provide children with adequate care.

Across the UK, many families face disadvantages as a result of addiction, mental health challenges, learning difficulties, physical disabilities and financial instability. Too often, families reach crisis point but do not have access to the help they need to get them back on track.

Family Crosspoint, a Resource partner company, provides parents with the skills and tools necessary to support their family’s wellbeing. Their dedicated residential centre in Bridgend accommodates families over a number of months, providing them with bespoke therapies and skills development programmes.

Whilst many families have gained access to much-needed support, there is still a significant demand for more facilities of this kind across the country. That is why Family Crosspoint is opening a new family residential centre in Maesteg. The organisation has purchased a former care home which will undergo extensive refurbishment before opening to families.

The current Family Crosspoint centre, Bridgend

Family facilities

Like its existing branch in Bridgend, Family Crosspoint’s new Maesteg centre will provide resident families with safe and comfortable housing, communal lounges, play areas, private therapy rooms and workshop facilities.

A personalised support plan will be created for each family following a rigorous assessment of the unique challenges that they face. Each programme is designed to have a meaningful and lasting impact on the families involved.

The new centre will allow Family Crosspoint staff to administer specialised therapies, including play therapy, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Workshops will equip parents with the fundamental skills that they need to support their families, covering an extensive range of topics including basic parenting principles, mental health awareness, managing children’s behaviour and independent living skills.

Family Crosspoint to open new centre in Maesteg - photo of current facilities

Inside the current Family Crosspoint centre, Bridgend

Staff facilities

In addition to expanded family facilities, the centre will also provide new facilities for Family Crosspoint staff.

Given the vital and often challenging nature of their roles, it is important that the Family Crosspoint team has access to high quality training facilities. New staff spaces will be created to host training workshops and conferences, allowing the organisation to continue delivering the highest standards of support provision.

A bedroom inside Family Crosspoint

More about the development

Located in Maesteg, close to Neath and Port Talbot, the former Hyfrydol care home was purchased at auction by Family Crosspoint in early 2020. The building will undergo total refurbishment ahead of the first families taking up residence at the new facility.

The Maesteg location will allow more families across Wales & England to gain access to this all-important resource. Maesteg itself is home to many family-friendly amenities and will be a pleasant area for our families to explore during their residence.

During the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, Family Crosspoint offered free use of the building to Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board in anticipation of a lack of hospital beds in the region. Thankfully, use of the building was ultimately not required and refurbishment work will soon be underway.

Chris Bryan, Property Manager at Family Crosspoint, said:

“We’re very pleased to have secured the acquisition of this property. As reported in the media, there was a lot of interest in the property and therefore the bidding at auction went on. With a lack of supply of fit-for-purpose units, this acquisition will allow us expand our services, once the extensive refurbishment & updating programme is complete.”

Gareth Morgan and Kerry Collier, directors at Family Crosspoint

Next steps

The new facility is expected to open in 2021.

Speaking of the development, Family Crosspoint director Kerry Collier said:

Our residential centre provides safe and therapeutic services in order to create building blocks to help families develop lifelong bonds. We have seen a lot of demand for our services since we opened our first centre in October 2018 and look forward to being able to help more families once we are in a position to open in Maesteg.”

To be kept up to date with the project, keep an eye on the Resource news centre or visit the Family Crosspoint website.

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