Security panels company, Securiclad, has launched a new version of its innovative modular construction system.

Certified up to Loss Prevention Standard 1175 Security Rating 5, the enhanced system provides a high level of protection against attack by circular saws and reciprocating saws, as well as tools like drills, sledgehammers and disc grinders.

We are delighted to have developed the LPS 1175 SR5 modular system solution for introduction into the market. In today’s security climate, we believe that it’s critical for organisations to ensure that their facilities have the right level of protection and our LPS 1175 SR5 wall panels expand our existing range of certified solutions. We can now offer an increased level of security, providing organisations with even greater protection for infrastructure, data, hazardous materials and valuables. The development of the SR5 solution is testimony to the innovative approach of the Securiclad team and marks a very significant development for the company. Its development falls in line with an incredibly successful 2017, as we worked on exciting new projects, welcomed new appointments across the company and also launched Ballisticlad – our enhanced ballistic protection system.

Mike McColl, Managing Director

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