One COVID-19 face visor produced every 6 seconds at our facility

We're thrilled to report that we've exceeded our own production targets and are currently producing one COVID-19 PPE face visor every 6 seconds.

Our Resource R122 face visors, designed to provide some protection against contact with airborne droplets, are being manufactured at the rate of one every 6 seconds.

Watch our short video below to see the machines in action - these were designed and installed in two weeks in partnership with injection moulding experts, Plunkett Associates.

The exceptional rate of production we've achieved comes mere weeks after the first announcement of our PPE-production taskforce, combining the efforts and assets of multiple Resource companies like Space2B, Eurobond Doors, blue self storage, Euro Commercials and Fixing Point.

Just earlier this week, the BBC's article on PPE for frontline NHS staff labelled face visors as 'an even higher standard of protection', essential for clinicians at a higher risk in their daily work. With rapid production in place, our aim is to keep producing face visors for as long as necessary.

Commenting, Nick Williams, company chairman said:

"We responded to the Government call for UK companies to help with shortage of PPE and identified that we had the design and manufacturing capability to design and develop a face visor that would be low cost and able to be quickly produced in bulk in the UK. Above all, we ensured the face visor would meet test standards to demonstrate it was safe for use by the NHS workforce."

Proud to be supporting Marie Curie Wales

We're committed to helping Marie Curie Wales carry out their vital work in our local communities.

Every year in Wales, Marie Curie Nurses and the Marie Curie Hospice work tirelessly to provide expert care and support to over 3,500 people living with a terminal illness.

Their work - which includes palliative care, volunteering, campaigning and research - helps people living with any terminal illness, and their families, make the most of the time they have left.

We're proud to be supporting Marie Curie Wales with a donation of 25p for every R122 face visor sold.

Marie Curie, Registered Charity, England & Wales (207994)

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