At Resource, we’re on a journey to reduce our energy consumption and waste production, which means assessing our current strengths along with areas we need to improve.

Collectively, organisations across the world have a responsibility towards tackling our growing global issues surrounding climate change and negative environmental impact. Only by taking those first initial steps into greener working practices can we begin to make and see tangible changes.

We’re currently in the phase of identifying and implementing new methods for reducing our carbon emissions, waste production and energy consumption across several of our businesses – read more about that here.

But while our journey towards greener business is in its relative infancy, our personal passion for environmental conservation has long been a part of our history.

Several decades ago during the initial development of Wentloog Corporate Park, our founder and CEO, Nick Williams, created the renowned lakes in the middle of the site to encourage and establish a habitat for local wildlife.

Subsequently in 1988, our Cardiff facilities received the Business Environment Award from the Institute of Directors, and The Prince of Wales Award – both through the development of the landscape and protection of the wildlife at our Wentloog site.

Photo: A lake at Wentloog Corporate Park
Photo: A lake and its natural wildlife at Wentloog Corporate Park

Now, in 2022, we’re still keen to continue our habitat preservation work and keep cultivating natural life on-site; that’s why we’re currently investigating honey harvesting and bee-keeping as our newest venture.

On a daily basis, staff complete site inspections and litter management as a key part of our SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) management system – but we’ve also held large-scale litter picks with staff from the Resource group to maintain environmental standards across the Park.

Litter picking at blue self storage 1
Photo: Resource and blue self storage staff picking litter within Wentloog Corporate Park

We’re also proud to have purchased 900 acres of the Gwent levels in order to preserve the space, thereby protecting it against unsustainable levels of commercial development and keeping it for the natural inhabitants who deserve it most.

Gwent levels - 900 acres acquired by Resource for ecological conservation
Photo: The Gwent levels – 900 acres have been acquired by Resource for ecological conservation

In our latest guide, you can read more about the steps we’re taking to reduce our negative environmental impact. Lewis Foster, Building & Facilities Manager at Resource, has been working with several of our businesses to implement new initiatives and identify energy-saving, carbon-reducing processes we can integrate across more of our companies.

“We’re taking our environmental objectives seriously and looking at how we can continue to grow our successful businesses whilst being genuinely environmentally-conscious.”

– Andrew Walker, Development Director at Resource

We’ll continue to roll out new initiatives and take further strides towards meeting our environmental goals – watch this space.

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