Introducing Paul Hannah

One of the original team assembled by Nick, Paul Hannah has been a constant source of sound advice since 1982. He qualified as a chartered accountant, spending his early years overseeing the financial management of Resource partner companies and has been a key advisor on the Senior Leadership Team as the businesses have grown and developed. As Chairman or Company Secretary of most of the Resource partner companies, Paul still plays an active role in ensuring that these partners have the support they need.

Paul is recognised as being the person who provides calm continuity and quiet authority in a climate where change is constant. He has an unrivalled understanding of the history and development of the family of businesses, often being the source of knowledge about why the organisation does something in a particular way. He has witnessed the highs and lows of building more than 100 businesses, overseeing MBOs and successful strategic sales of companies. His experience and wise counsel is invaluable to the new leadership team as it develops its own strategies for future growth.

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