Established by Nick Williams in 1990, Resource is a collection of partner companies.

Resource has grown by investment over the years, and now includes some leading names in a range of industries, from construction to science. Each partner company is freestanding; independently run, and autonomous. And each benefits from Resource’s specialist financial, operational, corporate, and strategic support services, called on as and when it’s needed. 

Partner companies also share in Resource’s ethos. It’s one of professionalism, integrity, and innovation. Together, these companies are flying the flag for responsible business; respectful of clients and of the environment. And, individually, they’re servicing their markets with the drive and expertise that gives them – and their customers – the edge.


  1. Nick Williams, Resource’s founder, started his entrepreneurial career as a steel stockholder
  2. 1980
  3. Euro Clad (South Wales) Limited (now Euro Clad Limited) joins Resource
  4. Eurobond Laminates Limited joins Resource
  5. Euro Commercials (South Wales) Limited joins Resource
  6. The Maltings Group Limited The Maltings Limited joins Resource
  7. 1982
  8. Paul Hannah joins Resource as financial controller
  9. 1986
  10. Resource Ltd acquires Wentloog Corporate Park, Cardiff
  11. 1988
  12. Europressings Limited becomes a Resource Partner
  13. Wentloog Corporate Park is awarded the Prince of Wales’ Award for conservation.
  14. 1989
  15. Micross Computers (now part of Techsol Group) becomes a Resource Partner
  16. 1990
  17. Resource Limited formally set up as a legal entity
  18. 1994
  19. Euro Quality Coatings Euro Quality Coatings Limited joins Resource
  20. Euro Quality Cladding Euro Clad (Ireland) Limited (now Euro Quality Cladding Limited) join Resource
  21. 1998
  22. Wentloog Properties Limited splits out from Euro Clad Limited
  23. Advanced Thermal Composites (ATC) became Resource partner in a joint venture
  24. 2000
  25. Eurobond Doors Eurobond Doors Limited becomes a Resource Partner
  26. Europressings Limited is sold
  27. 2003
  28. Eurobond Doors Eurobond Pacific becomes Resource partner
  29. 2004
  30. Wentloog Investments Limited and Euro Clad Developments Limited split out from Euro Clad Limited
  31. 2005
  32. SIP Building Systems Limited becomes a Resource Partner in a joint venture
  33. Advanced Thermal Composites (ATC) sold
  34. 2006
  35. Eurobond Pacific is sold
  36. 2010
  37. SIPCO Sipco Limited becomes a Resource Partner in a joint venture
  38. 2011
  39. Fixing Point Fixing Point Limited and E4Law Limited (trading as Lextox) become Resource Partners
  40. 2016
  41. Euro Clad Limited and Eurobond Laminates Limited are sold
  42. The Maltings Group Limited The Maltings Document Storage Solutions splits out from The Maltings Limited
  43. Isoclad Isoclad Limited becomes a Resource Partner
  44. Eurobond Laminates Ltd is sold
  45. Euroclad Architectural Ltd is sold
  46. Category Cladding (UK) Ltd is sold
  47. Booth Muirie Ltd is sold
  48. Poultry House Products Ltd is sold
  49. 2017
  50. E4Law Limited is sold
  51. 2018
  52. Tyneside Self Storage joins Resource
  53. Signal joins Resource