Our story

Established by Nick Williams in 1990, Resource is a family of partner companies.

Resource what we do:

Resource provides high-level commercial and management support to its growing number of partner companies. These companies benefit from the financial, legal, and operational expertise, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit, found within the Resource team.

About Resource

Resource has grown by investment over the years, and now includes some leading names in a range of industries, from manufacturing to residential services with care and construction to science. Each partner company is freestanding; independently run, and autonomous, and all of them benefit from Resource’s specialist financial, operational, corporate, and strategic support services, called on as and when it’s needed.

Partner companies also share in Resource’s ethos. It’s one of professionalism, integrity, and innovation. Together, these companies are flying the flag for responsible business; respectful of clients and of the environment. And, individually, they’re servicing their markets with the drive and expertise that gives them – and their customers – the edge.

Mission & values

The Resource team believes that partner companies deserve to be the best they can be.

So, support is aimed at putting in place the right structures, systems, and skills for each particular organisation, and helping it maintain effective management and good commerical decision-making.

While each partner company is its own, independent business, there is commonality. Resource partners share a passion for what they do, and a drive to succeed. And that is the essence of the Resource ethos; work hard, work well, with integrity and professionalism.

Nick Williams CEO

I started Resource over 30 years ago, fuelled by my vision to create a network of partner companies sharing their resources, support and success. Since then, Resource has grown into a well-established system and I'm proud to lead it.

Our history

Nick Williams, CEO at Resource

Meet the people behind Resource

Our success comes from our people. With several directors at the helm, bringing their specialisms and experience, we're able to provide the support system and know-how for all our companies to succeed.

From strategic leadership, to accountancy, HR, and logistics, our team is the gold standard in management.

Resource our partners