Techsol Group

Techsol Group operates through a range of specialist subsidiaries to deliver high quality solutions designed to improve operational and strategic business performance through the effective use of technology.

Techsol Group seeks opportunities to support specialist companies that are focused on their products and solutions to ensure it offers a high quality of service.

The company boasts a real depth of knowledge in its products and solutions so customers can maximise their potential and achieve a cutting edge above their competitors.


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The Maltings,
East Tyndall Street,
CF24 5EA


More about Techsol Group

Techsol Group is a collection of five specialist technology consultancies: Micross Logic, Micross Apps, Applied Business Solutions (UK), Amitech IT and Bit Systems. Together, these companies deliver a wide range of business solutions to organisations throughout the UK.

Each of the five specialist consultancies has its own individual teams, knowledge and expertise and is focused on individual products and solutions to ensure Techsol Group offers a high quality of service but also have the advantage of working and integrating together to provide customers with an unparalleled complete business solution.

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