All of us at Resource are incredibly proud and privileged to share that our donation of £5,000 has been accepted by Marie Curie Hospice Care, a local charity close to our hearts.

Following a difficult 18 months for all, there’s never been a better time to look out for those more vulnerable within our society, and to be generous with what we can give to those in worse situations. That’s why we’ve donated £5,000 to Marie Curie, a UK-wide charity that means a lot to the Resource family.

Marie Curie is a charity that provides care and support to people living with terminal illnesses, and their families. Much of their work is done through their 10 hospices across the UK, their at-home nurses who visit people in their homes and an information & support line providing access to bereavement support, advice and more.

To officially donate the sum, Dean Daly, Operations Manager at blue self storage and Chris James, Commercial Manager at The Maltings Document Storage Solutions recently visited their flagship Wales hospice in Penarth and spoke with Marie Curie nurses Charli, Beth and Rhea.

Resource donates £5000 to Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale

Speaking on why we chose Marie Curie, Dean Daly said: “It’s a charity close to quite a few of us at work; I think everyone can relate to someone with cancer, as it’s such a non discriminatory disease. Everyone I know has lost at least someone to this cruel disease.

“The stats nowadays are quite frightening, and it’s something that affects us all.”

Resource donates £5000 to Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale

When discussing why supporting local charities is so critical for Resource, Chris said: “Speaking on behalf of The Maltings, we’ve always tried to support local organisations and groups, giving back to the community in any way that we can.”

“We take our corporate responsibility very seriously,” Dean added. “A lot of charities have been hit hard by Covid-19 with disruptions to their income sources, so if we can help a charity out, of course we’re going to do that.”

Resource donates £5000 to Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale

Asked about what Marie Curie plans to spend the donation on, Charli explained: “The money will go towards the running costs of our Cardiff and the Vale hospice, providing care and support to patients who come in for therapies or those who stay in the hospice and receive 24 hour care from our wonderful nurses.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the donation and it will be put to great use.”

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