Announcing the launch of the Space2B Cycle Scheme, specifically for the Space2B Community – promoting happiness & health.

Quite simply, cycling has been proven to make employees happier, so for Space2B, it makes perfect sense to provide a Space2B cycle scheme to create a happy, thriving and growing community.

Along with the obvious benefits of keeping fit, improving immune systems and building muscle – there are many other advantages to cycling that benefits both the employee and the employer.

Cycling promotes a healthy mind

Many studies have shown that making regular bicycle journeys can reduce stress, anxiety and improves happiness. Each year, millions of sick days are taken by employees for stress related illness, so to have the option to go for a cycle during the working day or to cycle to and from work reduces work and personal related stress, and in turn brings sickness rates down in a company.

Cycling also releases adrenalin and endorphins that make us feel good but more than that it gives us an excuse to escape the rat race and switch off, even if it is just for an hour. Technology is an unescapable part of our lives, both in work and home, so encouraging employees to get away from the computer can make them more productive and creative whilst they are in the office.

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Cycling saves time and money

We all know the irritation of bumper to bumper traffic, increasing cost of petrol and expensive public transport fares. Rather than wasting hours of time sat in traffic or stood in the freezing cold hoping that your bus will turn up on time – why not hire a bike, miss the rush-hour traffic, arrive on time with a clear head and have a sense of achievement ready for your working day?

Not only is cycling a great, low-impact form of exercise – It will save you time (meaning extra time in bed!) and money.

Cycling helps you sleep better

Of course, if you are exercising more, you are going to tire yourself out more. However, it has been recognised that cycling will improve your sleep pattern.  As cycling has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, an increase in the ability to sleep may stem from feeling less stressed and anxious.

Over the span of 35 years, University of Georgia researchers analysed the health habits of more than 8,000 men and women between the ages of 20 and 85 and found that when study participants became less fit over time, they had more trouble getting an uninterrupted night of rest.

All we know is that you will be sleeping better with a bike ride a few times a week!

Photo: Alex Mills Photographic

Cycling boosts your brain power

2013 study found that during exercise, cyclists’ blood flow in the brain rose by 28 per cent, and up to 70 per cent in specific areas. For a workspace provider to offer a free cycle scheme is a no-brainer (excuse the pun) if it means employees are going to be reinvigorated and stimulated in the office.

Cycling outdoors in natural surroundings only amplifies these benefits. Cycling into Cardiff City Centre or Cardiff Bay to soak up the beautiful Welsh atmosphere during the working day, gets those red blood cells flowing thereby increasing motivation in the workplace.

Cycling increases your social circle

Cycling is a great exercise to enjoy with colleagues, friends or on your own. Introducing the option of hiring a bicycle encourages teams and businesses to get together outside of the office. Taking your team out on Friday afternoon to enjoy the sights of Cardiff isn’t just a great excuse to escape the office but it also encourages team work, team bonding and collaboration over a social and enjoyable pastime.

So next time, instead of heading to the pub for your team networking – why not jump on a bicycle and head outdoors?

Time to do your own experiment – the Space2B Community will be able to grab a bike, put on a helmet and go for a spin around Cardiff to put these theories to the test!

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